2022 Election Candidates

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Important Dates:

October 18, 2022 - Last day to register to vote (Same Day Registration is available during Early Voting & Election Day)
October 27 - November 3, 2022 - Early Voting for General election - click here for early voting centers
November 1, 2022 - Last day for Board of Elections to receive a request for mail-in ballot by mail or fax
November 4, 2022 - Last day for Board of Elections to receive a request for a mail-in ballot to print your ballot from an email either in the office during business hours or by 11:59 pm if submitted online
November 8, 2022 - General Election Day

The LWV Vote411 Voters' Guide for all Maryland counties is available online at Vote411.org and here.  The Guide presents personalized voting information and the views of candidates, in their own words, about issues of interest to their voters.

Primary Election Results 2022:

Federal Offices
Representatives in Congress
Steny Hoyer (D)
Chris Palombi (R)
U.S. Senator
Chris Chaffee (R)
Chris Van Hollen (D)

State Offices

Governor and Lt. Governor
Dan Cox and Gordana Shifanelli (R)
Wes Moore and Aruna Miller (D)
Barry Glassman (R)
Brooke Lierman (D)
Attorney General
Anthony Brown (D)
Michael Peroutka (R)
State Senators
District 27
Michael Jackson (D)
Al Larsen (R)
District 29
Jack Bailey (R) (Unopposed)
House of Delegates
District 27B
Jeffrie Long (D) (Unopposed)
District 27C

Mark Fisher (R) (Unopposed)
District 29C
Bill Bates (D)
Todd Morgan (R)
Judges of the Court of Special Appeals - For retention in office. Only on General Election Ballot.
Judges of the Court of Appeals - For retention in office. Only on General Election Ballot.

Local Offices
Commissioner at Large
Emad Dides (D)
Earl "Buddy" Hance (R)
Todd Ireland (R)
Chelsea Montague (D)
District 1 Commissioner
Mike Hart (R)
Tricia Powell (D)
District 2 Commissioner
Mark Cox (R)
David Gray (D)
District 3 Commissioner
Catherine Grasso (R)
Darrell Roberts (D)
County Treasurer
Nova Tracy-Soper (R) (Unopposed)
State’s Attorney

Bob Harvey (R)
Rick Piereck (D)
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Kathy Smith (D) (Unopposed)
Register of Wills
Mark Lynch (R)
Margaret Phipps (D)
Judges of the Orphan’s Court
Leslie Downs (R) (Unopposed)
Ted LeBlanc (R) (Unopposed)
Thomas Pelagatti (D) (Unopposed)
Ricky Cox (R)
Vaughn "Jay" Johnson (D)
Board of Education
Lisa Grenis
Camille Khaleesi
Tracy McGuire
Jana Post
Party Offices (not included on General Election ballot)
Democratic Central Committee Members
At-Large Democratic Committee Members
Collin Berglund 
Kara Dudley
Cristin Orr Shiffer
District 1 Democratic Committee Members
Lauren Elyard
David Salazar
District 2 Democratic Committee Members
Gabriel Gough
Cindy Yoe
District 3 Democratic Committee Members
Renita Alexander
Duwane Rager
Republican Central Committee Members
Joshua Johnson
Elizabeth King
Lisa Lavallee
James McQueen
J.P. Sherkus
Cal Steuart
Tannis Villanova
Dale Weems
Donna Zupancic