2021 Maryland General Assembly Legislation

The League of Women Voters establishes annual legislative priorities based on feedback from its local leagues.  Please click here to view the 2021 priorities on the LWVMD website. You may also sign up for action alerts so that you can stay informed and learn what actions you can take to support these bills.

In addition to learning about the legislation that LWV supports, you can track one or more bills that may be of interest to you by visiting the Maryland General Assembly website tracking system.  You may create a report that will enable you to receive updates via email; instructions are available here.  Click here to access the MGA search function that will enable you to search for specific bills.  To view all bills under consideration by the MGA, click here.  Choosing "Senate" or "House" will provide you with a view into all of the legislation introduced by the House or Senate. 

Please note that as the legislative session progresses, it is possible that updates will be delayed as the database is not necessarily updated on a daily basis.

One piece of legislation that may be of particular interest to Calvert residents is HB0655.

HB0655 would require County Commissioners to be elected by a plurality of voters in their own Districts instead of at-large.

The text of the bill may be found on the MGA website using the search function described in more detail above.