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2020 General Election

Every election is important and participating in elections is a civic responsibility.  Below are some FAQs about the 2020 General Election for Calvert County.

Governor Hogan, after reviewing the State Board of Elections recommendation, has determined that the 2020 General Election will be traditionally in-person supplemented with vote-by-mail through the completion and submission of mail-in ballot applications.

Free rides to the polls are available.  Click here for more information.


Now: Check your voter registration status here

August 24-28: Calvert County Board of Elections (BOE) mailed mail-in ballot applications to all registered, active voters.
September 8:  Call BOE if you have not received a mail-in ballot application (410-535-2214).
September 24: BOE will begin to send mail-in ballots via US Postal Service to everyone who completed and returned a mail-in ballot application.  Process will continue through deadline of October 20 to submit application.
October 8:  Calvert BOE begins to canvas mail-in ballots--results embargoed until after 8 pm on Election Day.  Click here for tentative schedule.
~ Early to Mid-October: BOE will install (7) secure drop boxes for voters to drop ballots (see How to Vote for locations).
October 13: Last day to register to vote online or by paper application.
October 20: Deadline to submit a mail-in ballot application to BOE.
October 26 - November 2: Early voting (7 am to 8 pm) at BOE, 30 Duke Street, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.
November 3: Election Day (7 am to 8 pm) at five (5) vote centers throughout the county - BOE and the four Calvert high schools (see How to Vote for locations).

Important Facts

  • LWVCC encourages all Calvert voters to complete and return their mail-in ballot applications immediately upon receipt to avoid US Postal Service delays;
  • If you request that your ballot be emailed to you, the ballot will be hand copied as it cannot be read by the standard BOE scanners.  Click here for more information.
  • The Oath must be signed and returned to BOE along with the mail-in ballot by 8 pm on Election Day;
  • To ensure on-time delivery, plan to mail your ballot at least one week in advance of Election Day (October 27);
  • Mail-in ballots may be tracked online;
  • If online tracking indicates your ballot has not been received by November 2, plan to vote in-person on Election Day; (You will be asked to vote a provisional ballot that will only count if your mail-in ballot is not received by BOE.)
  • In-person voting will be held at five (5) vote centers instead of traditional polling places (see How To Vote);
  • Voters may send their mail-in ballots to the BOE via US Postal Service or drop their mail-in ballots at
    • Calvert BOE
    • One of the (7) secure drop boxes (See How to Vote for locations).
    • BOE during Early Voting
    • One of the five vote centers on Election Day (See How to Vote for locations)
  • There is no evidence of widespread vote-by-mail fraud;
  • There is no evidence that voting by mail gives any political party a clear advantage;
  • Follow My Voting Plan to ensure your ballot is counted!

In addition to the 2020 General Election, there is a local election in Chesapeake Beach

Candidates on the Ballot:


Stewart B. Cumbo
Joshua Johnson
Patrick J. "Irish" Mahoney

Town Council

Valerie L. Beaudin
Gary W. Curzi
Jonathan Evans
Derek Favret
Charlie Fink
Lawrence Jaworski
Greg Morris
Keith Pardieck

Your 2020 General Election Ballot

Two referendums will be on your ballot:
Question 1
Constitutional Amendment (Ch. 645 of the 2020 Legislative Process)
State Budget Process

The proposed amendment authorizes the General Assembly, in enacting a balanced budget bill for fiscal year 2024 and each fiscal year thereafter, to increase, diminish or add items, provided that the General Assembly may not exceed the total proposed budget as submitted by the Governor.

(Amending Article II Section 17 and Article III Section 14 and 52 of the Maryland Constitution)

_____ For the Constitutional Amendment
_____ Against the Constitutional Amendment

Question 2
Commercial Gaming Expansion Referendum
(Ch. 492 of the 2020 Legislative Session)
Expansion of Commercial Gaming--Sports and Event Wagering

Do you approve the expansion of commercial gaming in the State of Maryland to authorize sports and events betting for the primary purpose of raising revenue for education?

_____For the Referred Law
_____Against the Referred Law

Candidates on the Ballot (Calvert County)

President and Vice-President of the United States

Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence (R)
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (D)
Jo Jorgenson and Jeremy Spike Cohen (L)
Howie Gresham Hawkins and Angela Walker (G)
Jerome M. Segal and John de Graaf (B&R)

Representative in Congress District 5

Chris Palombi (R)
Steny Hoyer (D)

Judge of the Circuit Court Circuit 7
(Vote for up to 2)
Mark W. Carmean (Unopposed)
Andrew S. Rappaport (Unopposed)

Judge, Court of Appeals District 5
Jonathan Biran
Vote Yes or No for Continuance in Office

Judge, Court of Special Appeals at Large
E. Gregory Wills
Vote Yes or No for Continuance in Office

Board of Education
Although there are three school board districts, school board candidates are voted county-wide, by all voters regardless of party affiliation--that is, each Calvert voter can vote for one candidate from each of the three districts.
District 1
Dawn C. Balinski
Chad Leo
District 2
Dawn Keen
Antoine White
District 3
Inez Claggett (Unopposed)