Vote411 & Voters' Guides


The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization and never supports or opposes any candidate or political party.

Voters’ Guides ("Guide") are produced by the League of Women Voters of Calvert County prior to each primary and general election. The League has a long history of impartially reporting the verbatim responses of candidates on topics of interest to voters. To prepare the Guide, all eligible candidates are invited to participate. Responses appear exactly as entered by the candidate through an online interface - we do not edit content, spelling, or grammar. Responses are limited to 500 characters (750 for Presidential candidates). Some candidates include information about their website or social media sites, which may provide additional biographical and policy information. Candidates who did not respond by the print deadline, or who wish to revise their responses, may do so at any time. General information about upcoming elections is available to voters 24/7 at the League's interactive website, and information about specific candidates is available about six weeks prior to each election.  

The Guide lists offices and candidates in the same order that they appear on your ballot. As there are three districts within Calvert County, some candidates appearing in the print version of the Guide may not be on your ballot. To know exactly which candidates will be on your ballot, you can go to online, refer to the sample ballot that the Election Board will send you, or look for the Calvert County sample ballot at the Maryland State Election Board website.  Please note that there are multiple ballots, and you will need to scroll through the sample ballot to find the one for you.

Voters are encouraged to visit prior to voting.  You can find any updated candidate responses, a personalized ballot, and side-by-side comparisons of candidates, as well as information on candidate forums and the logistics of how to register and vote.

A print / PDF version of the 2024 Primary Election Voters' Guide for Calvert County may be found here. The print / PDF version of the 2024 General Election Voters' Guide for Calvert County will be published after September 1, 2024.