Vote-by-Mail Consensus Membership Meeting

Vote-by-Mail has been a hotly debated topic in this 2020 election.  What do you think about Vote by Mail?  Should it be widely available as an ongoing method for voting after the pandemic?

The LWVMD has completed its study of VBM and is asking all Maryland League Chapters to weigh in on this important topic.  The Consensus Fact sheet and Security Practices document will be available to you upon receipt of your RSVP confirmation.  

This is a good opportunity for new members of the Calvert League to learn about the League’s time-honored process for adopting positions and taking action on issues.  Please join us by registering!

Please note that this event is open to LWVCC members only.

November 11, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting
Lila West Laura Noell Herbert Wolff Elizabeth Nowak Margaret Dunkle Inez Claggett Maureen Hoffman Linda Calvert Elizabeth Phelps Carol Booker Gail Hoerauf-Bennett Christa Conant Sandra Raviv Janet Ashby Lisa McCormick Jc Hooker Janet Bellizzi

Will you come?