Police Accountability Task Force

Please click here for LWVCC Police Accountability Task Force information.

Study of The Effects of Climate Change in Calvert County

This report examines how climate change is affecting our County and our neighbors.  To this end, we have gathered information from scientific sources (Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and UMD’s Chesapeake Biological Laboratory) and local news and environmental organization sources.  We have incorporated the experiences of Calvert residents such as farmers, watermen, business owners, and others in order to offer a variety of perspectives on this important subject.   

This study serves as a follow up to a League forum held previously on the phenomenon of and effects of rising sea level on Calvert County.

The final report and fact sheet are now available.

Study of Prince Frederick Master Plan and the Calvert County LWV

The study of the Prince Frederick Master Plan follows the development of the Plan and reports the group’s findings to the membership. This is important study because the Prince Frederick Master Plan will undoubtedly foreshadow the way Master Plans for other Town Centers will be developed.

The study group will develop procedures and goals for the group. Probable goals may include interviewing all stake holders and assessing the extent to which there are opportunities for citizen input and transparency.

The observer teams (Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Education) will assist the study group in acquiring information.

Issues may be identified on which the League may want to take a position as the study proceeds. These issues will be brought to the attention of the Board and the membership.

The study will require sufficient member involvement and adequate funds (at this time, no major expenses are expected) to proceed.

The results of our independent survey about the Prince Frederick Town Center Master Plan - Phase I will be released in the next few weeks.