Employment Guide for Calvert Citizens

The Social Justice Committee has spent a good deal of time gathering information on resources for Calvert residents who are seeking employment and/or economic assistance.  Please click here to view the presentation with details.

Police Accountability Task Force

Please click here for LWVCC Police Accountability Task Force information.  More recent information can be found here.

Study of The Effects of Climate Change in Calvert County

This report examines how climate change is affecting our County and our neighbors.  To this end, we have gathered information from scientific sources (Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and UMD’s Chesapeake Biological Laboratory) and local news and environmental organization sources.  We have incorporated the experiences of Calvert residents such as farmers, watermen, business owners, and others in order to offer a variety of perspectives on this important subject.   

This study serves as a follow up to a League forum held previously on the phenomenon of and effects of rising sea level on Calvert County.

The final report and fact sheet are now available.

Study of Prince Frederick Master Plan and the Calvert County LWV

The League of Women Voters of Calvert County would like to thank the many League members who contributed to the research and writing of "The Prince Frederick Town Center Master Plan Planning Process Study".

The tasks were many and varied: reading public documents, attending hearings and other public meetings, interviewing representatives of various civic and governmental organizations, distributing materials, analyzing data collected from documents, surveys and interviews, and, finally, writing and preparing the study for distribution to our League members and interested public.

Study Group members maintained an admirable combination of dedication, discretion, and a good sense of humor.  Twelve League members worked on the project, which was ably led by Tricia Powell, serving as Chair.

The following additional Study Group members (listed in alphabetical order) contributed their time and effort to make this project work: Sharron Bickel, Sue Bilek, Maureen Hoffman, JC Hooker, Karen Horton, Duwane Rager, Randi Vogt, Lila West, Gladys White and Len Zuza.  

The committee would especially like to express gratitude for the efforts of two members who gave their time, considerable knowledge and goodwill to the project before their untimely deaths: Malcolm Funn and Michael Moore.  These men helped set the standard for accuracy, patience and consistency as the project developed.  We sincerely hope the final product lives up to the standards they helped set.

We would also like to thank the staff of Planning and Zoning for consistently responding to the Study Group's questions about the process and for making relevant documents and public meetings available to citizens via the Calvert County website.

We are very appreciative of those representatives of both private and public organizations who were willing to share their insights through interviews for this study.  

The final report can be found here.