Voter Services

Voting is important and powerful!


Voting is the tool we use to make sure our voices are heard.  A lot more is at stake than who becomes President. Electing local, state and federal officials who will determine your future is up to you.  Local elections most directly impact your daily life. The results of just one election can produce long-lasting consequences that can't be reversed for a generation or longer. Lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court or other federal courts are just one example.

Numerous elections have been decided by only a few votes. Here are three recent examples:

  • 2017 - Virginia House of Delegates: the election was ultimately decided by drawing lots;
  • 2018 - Kentucky House of Representatives: after more than one re-count and the reinstatement of five (5) previously rejected absentee ballots, the election ended in a tie.  When the Democratic incumbent threatened to sue if a coin toss was held, the Republican withdrew his challenge, settling the election (2/8/19);
  • 2018 - Alaska House of Representatives: the Republican candidate defeated the Democratic candidate by one vote after a recount and a state supreme court challenge. 

The League of Women Voters of Calvert County is engaged in all aspects of our election process.  The Voter Services Committee strives to educate voters about their rights, the current year's election, and voter registration processes.  

We partner with other organizations that assist with disseminating information of value to all Calvert voters.  Additionally, we educate the public through nonpartisan Candidate Forums and community outreach.

Please browse through the various pages of our Voter Services section for more specific information.

If you wish to register voters, training is required.  Please visit our Events/Upcoming Events page to register for one of the scheduled virtual training sessions being offered.