Elected Officials

Elected Officials

Calvert County

Board of County Commissioners

The clerk is Rachel Distel.

Circuit Court for Calvert County

The Circuit Court for Calvert County, located in Prince Frederick, Maryland, is part of the Seventh Judicial Circuit, which also includes Charles, Prince George’s and Saint Mary’s Counties. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction, which handles juvenile and family law matters, as well as all major civil cases and serious criminal matters. The circuit court also has appellate jurisdiction over decisions of the district court and certain administrative agencies. In addition, it has full common law and equity powers and jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases within the county, and all additional powers and jurisdiction conferred by the Constitution and by law, except where, by law, jurisdiction has been limited or conferred upon by another tribunal.

Calvert County Circuit Court Judges

Appointed by Governor &/or elected by Voters to 15-year terms (3 Judges):
Mark S. ChandleeCounty Administrative Judge & Chief Judge (chosen by Chief Judge, Court of Appeals), 2029
Mark W. CarmeanAssociate Judge, 2035
Andrew S. RappaportAssociate Judge, 2035

Clerk of the Circuit Court

Elected by Voters to 4-year terms:
Kathy P. Smith (D), Clerk, 2018

District Court

Appointed by Governor with Senate consent to 10-year term (2 Judges):
Robyn E. Riddle, Associate Judge, 2026
Michelle R. Saunders, Associate Judge, 2023

Orphan's Court

Elected by Voters to 4-year terms:
Leslie M. Downs (R), Chief Judge (chosen by Governor), 2018
Theodore Philip LeBlanc (R), Judge, 2018
Thomas M. Pelagatti (D), Judge, 2018

Register of Wills

Elected by Voters to 4-year term:
Margaret H. Phipps (D), Register of Wills, 2018

County Sheriff

Elected by Voters to 4-year terms:
Mike Evans (R), Sheriff, 2018

Calvert County Treasurer

Elected by Voters to 4-year terms:
Nova Tracy-Soper (R), Treasurer, 2018

Calvert County State's Attorney

Elected by Voters to 4-year terms:
Robert H. Harvey, Jr., appointed by the Judges of the Circuit Court to replace Jennifer L. Morton, who resigned, March 27, 2020

Calvert County Board of Education

Pamela L. Cousins, President, 2022
Inez Claggett, Vice President, 2024
Dawn C. Balinski, Member, 2024
Patrick H. Nutter, Member, 2022
Antoine S. White, Member, 2024
Hayden Kelly, Student Member
Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent of Schools and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board

Calvert County Democratic Central Committee

Elected by Democratic voters to 4-year terms during the Primary election (2018).

Renita Alexander, Vice Chair
Helenmary G. Ball, Member
Collin Berglund, Member
Josh Brown, Associate Member
Tauren Chambers-Hunter, Secretary
Lauren Elyard, Associate Member
Jeanette L. Flaim, Member
Henry Gabelnick, Member
Sarah Hall, Member
Tim Klares, Associate Member
Hagner R. Mister, Chair Emeritus
Duwane Rager, Chair
Darrell Roberts, Member
David M. Salazar, Member
Cristin Orr Shiffer, Member
Beth E. Swoap, Member
Cindy Yoe, Treasurer

Calvert County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC)

Elected by Republican voters to 4-year terms during the Primary election (2018).

In addition, 4 associate members are elected by the CCRCC. 

Nick DePaulo
Chris Gadway
Catherine Grasso, Chairman
Elizabeth (Betsy) King, Secretary
Robert W. "Rob" Reed
"J.P." Sherkus
Cal Steuart, Vice Chairman
David A. Wiley, Treasurer


Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Elected by voters to four-year terms, limit of two consecutive terms.

Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. (R) Governor, 2018
Boyd K. Rutherford (R) Lieutenant Governor, 2018


Elected by voters to a four-year term, no term limit

Peter V. R. Franchot (D), 2018

Attorney General

Elected by voters to a four-year term, no term limit

Brian E. Frosh (D), 2018

Maryland General Assembly

State Senate

Elected by voters to a four-year term, no term limit

Sen. Michael A. Jackson (D), District 27, 2018 
Sen. John D. (Jack) Bailey (R), District 29, 2018

State House of Delegates

Elected by voters to a four-year term, no term limit

Del. Mark N. Fisher (R), District 27C, 2018
Del. Rachel R. Jones (D), District 27B, 2018
Del. Gerald W. (Jerry) Clark (R), District 29C, 2018


U.S. President/Vice President

Elected by voters to a four-year term, limit of two consecutive terms

Joseph R. Biden, Jr., President, 2020
Kamala D. Harris, Vice President, 2020

U.S. Senate

Elected by voters to six-year terms, no term limit

Benjamin L. Cardin (D), 2018
Chris Van Hollen (D), 2016

U.S. House of Representatives

Elected by voters to two-year terms, no term limit

Steny Hoyer (D), 2020